Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Your Mellon?

Your Mellon is the job platform that connects verified job seekers with established companies from various industries – all over Europe.

The basic idea of the platform is to present companies through digitalized processes directly to you as a job seeker. You create a profile and apply for jobs that match your expectations.

How does Your Mellon work?

After registering on Your Mellon, you create your personal profile. Before you get in contact with potential employers, we recommend that you create a detailed profile.


As a job seeker you present yourself with a profile, receive individual job offers and have the opportunity to communicate with companies or apply directly to them.

How does Your Mellon benefit me as a job seeker?

Your Mellon offers you as an applicant access to companies from all over Europe.

These include Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This means you can directly select the job offers that are suitable for you and apply for them.

Is there a fee for using Your Mellon?

Your Mellon is a free job platform for job seekers! The use of all functions on the platform are free of charge for you as an applicant.

What information does my profile on Your Mellon contain?

You can publish the following information about yourself on the job platform:

  • profile picture
  • favorite industries
  • work experience
  • academic education
  • skills
  • job wishes
  • language you speak
  • certificates & qualifications
Who can view my profile?

Only logged-in companies that have registered for the company profile can view your profile. Your uploaded certificates and qualifications can only be seen by companies to which you have applied. The privacy of your individual data is our highest priority.

Who can create a profile?

Every job seeker who has registered with Your Mellon. This includes: Pupils, students, trainees, interns, job seekers and employees who look forward to a better future.

What belongs to a good profile?
  • Your profile picture:  Your photo is important for the first impression. It’s best to choose a profile picture that looks nice and shows your face in full.

  • I speak/I offer:  Foreign languages, certificates and interdisciplinary qualifications are important. You should also highlight your strengths, e.g. in programming.

  • Job wishes:  By indicating your desired industries or desired jobs, companies will find their way to you faster. The more information you provide, the sooner your future employer will be able to find you or will contact you to get in touch with you.

  • Work experience:  Here you can list all professional experiences you have made in your life. So every company can immediately get an idea of your experiences.

  • Studies/Education:   You can enter your educational background as well as your further qualifications, for example at university. We recommend that you also mention your educational focus at this point, so that suitable companies can be suggested and become more aware of you.
Which certificates & qualifications should I upload?

We recommend that you upload your school certificate and, if applicable, a certificate of your highest, most advanced degree.

If you have attended further, interdisciplinary seminars, courses or similar and have completed them with a certificate, we recommend that you upload the most meaningful on your profile.


I have completed my profile on Your Mellon, what are the next steps for me?

After you have completed your profile, nothing stands in the way of your future (Your Mellon). From now on, (European) companies will become aware of you and can contact you.

With a completed profile you will be more attractive to the companies and increase your chances.

How do I communicate with companies on the platform?

As a job seeker you can send a message to employers of your choice and ask questions about the company.

Furthermore, you can actively apply for jobs. Alternatively, companies on Your Mellon can contact you with a personal message about a job offer or invite you for an interview.

How do companies find my profile on Your Mellon?

Your profile is shown to the companies as a suggestion or recommendation. Using a special search function, the companies can also search for you with your individual skills.

When will my profile be visible to companies on Your Mellon?

Your profile will be visible to companies as soon as you click on “Save” under account settings.

Will my future employer help me with the move?

At Your Mellon, we make our customers aware of the fact that social integration of employees is crucial for the success of the company.

Ultimately, however, it is up to the company to support you in your search for housing. Your Mellon supports you through the services of our premium partners here.

What is Your Mellon?

Your Mellon is the job platform that connects job seekers throughout Europe with established companies from a wide range of industries.

Companies introduce themselves on the platform with a company profile and can thus present themselves to potential job seekers. Additionally, they have the possibility to publish job advertisements or to directly contact potential employees.

How does Your Mellon work?

After registering on Your Mellon, you create a company profile. Before you get in contact with potential employees, we recommend that you make your company profile transparent and meaningful. This way, job seekers can get to know you and gain trust in your company. Once you have completed your profile, job seekers can become aware of you as a company and send you messages. These messages may include questions about your company.

With the job ads on Your Mellon, job seekers can apply for your vacant positions. With the Your Mellon – Plus package you can actively search for and contact potential candidates using special search filters.

Which companies should register on Your Mellon?

Your Mellon is a job platform on which job seekers from all industries can register. Therefore, all companies from all industries are welcome.

Which job seekers can I find on Your Mellon?

On Your Mellon you can find job seekers from all industries.

What does it cost to use Your Mellon?

Your Mellon offers several products for companies. We would be happy to advise you personally on this, so that we can present you with an individual offer.

You can find our packages here.

Why should I register my company on Your Mellon?

Your Mellon offers you access to a Europe-wide pool of candidates. Thus, vacant positions in your company can be covered.

With Your Mellon you as an employer get the opportunity to extend your company’s presence. Your Mellon’s company profile provides transparency and trust to job seekers throughout Europe, enabling you to easily get in touch with potential candidates.

What information does my company profile on Your Mellon contain?

After you have been registered and verified as a company by Your Mellon, you can add the following information to your company profile:

  • Account info, such as email address
  • Company data, e.g. company address and number of employees
  • Contact person, e.g. contact email address
  • About us, e.g. 3 advantages of your company
  • Pictures and videos, e.g. company video and logo
  • Profile images, e.g. images for your profile header
Who can view my company profile?

All visitors of our website, have the possibility to view your company profile (prerequisite is the booking of one of Your Mellon’s products).

When will my company profile be activated?

After booking and paying for one of Your Mellon’s products, your account will automatically be activated.

Below is a brief explanation of how to activate and use the products:

YM Recruitment or YM Service (company profile including recruitment software):

  • Registration on Your Mellon
  • Getting to know the platform + related products
  • Activation & publication of the company profile after payment

YM-Ads (job advertisments):

  • Booking of one or more job ads
  • Creation of one or more job ads
  • Immediate use/ Direct activation & publication on YM
  • Invoice delivery takes place afterwards
What belongs to a good company profile?

Your company profile is your chance to bind new potential to your company and to fill vacant positions easily. We recommend that you carefully fill out your company profile under “Settings” and update it at regular intervals. All data and details can of course be adjusted at any time. Important is here:

  • Logo, pictures and videos: Upload your company logo to present yourself to potential job seekers. At this point, you will have the opportunity to upload additional pictures of your company as well as videos.
  • Company pictures: The photos in the header are important to create an individual and professional branding for your company. It is best to choose high-resolution images that are appealing.
  • Company data: For job seekers, information on location and number of employees is important to quickly get an impression of your company.  Your advertised job offers are automatically shown in your company profile.
  • About us: Here you can present your company with all information. In addition to the pictures in the profile header, you can list three advantages and address a short text to your profile visitors. This way, job seekers can immediately see why they should apply to your company.
Where do the candidates on Your Mellon come from?

Basically, anyone from all over the world can register on Your Mellon.

Job seekers from Europe:
The law on freedom of movement applies (§ 2 FreizügG/EU). This means that YM candidates who come from the European Union will start working with you immediately, just like German employees, without any additional bureaucracy (e.g. work permit or residence permit).

Job seekers from outside of Europe:
Therefore the “new” Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz (FEG) (1 March 2020) applies. This means that for the first time in Germany a general immigration of foreign qualified specialists from non-EU countries (e.g. from Turkey) is regulated.

This will make it easier for your company to accept a skilled worker from a non-EU country if the legal requirements are met. Thus, these job seekers can also be permanently integrated for working and living in Germany.

What requirements must a job seeker from a non-EU country meet?
  • A qualification approved for Germany
  • Proven German language skills (at least language level B1)
  • Job seekers have to make their own living during the job search
  • during the job search the living expenses have to be verified by a blocked account
  • All professionals require health insurance and proven accommodation
  • When taking up work, the full livelihood must be secured by one’s work
  • An employment contract + employment subject to social insurance (min. 35 working hours, weekly)
How big is the talent pool on Your Mellon?

Particularly in southern European countries such as Spain or Greece, unemployment rates (including youth unemployment) are as high as +40%. In addition to these two countries, the target markets for Your Mellon are Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey.

The current number of job seekers on Your Mellon is constantly increasing. You can be sure to find a large number of job seekers on Your Mellon.

How can my company contact the job seekers?

On Your Mellon you have two ways to get in touch with job seekers:

  1. Create job advertisements:
    You have the possibility to create one or more job ads where job seekers apply directly to you with our messaging system (YM-Ads).

  2. Contact candidates yourself:
    You actively search for job seekers by using the special search function with integrated recommendation filter. Here you can send individual messages to potential candidates or receive automated recommendations on your personal dashboard.
What services are included in YM products?

You can find an overview of our products here.

What happens when job seekers accept my job offer?

Once you have found suitable candidates for your company, employer and job seeker agree on the next steps. We recommend that companies support their new employees in finding accommodation and integrating them into the new work environment.

In the YM Service package, we are happy to support you in your first steps with the job seeker.
Please feel free to contact us.

How can my company conduct interviews with candidates on Your Mellon?

The interview process is organized between the employer and the job seeker. YM recommends video conferencing via webcam. However, this can also be done following the company’s usual procedure.