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What is Your Mellon?

Your Mellon is the job platform that connects verified job seekers with established companies from various industries – all over Europe.

The basic idea of the platform is to present companies through digitalized processes directly to you as a job seeker. You create a profile and apply for jobs that match your expectations.

How does Your Mellon work?

After registering on Your Mellon, you create your personal profile. Before you get in contact with potential employers, we recommend that you create a detailed profile.


As a job seeker you present yourself with a profile, receive individual job offers and have the opportunity to communicate with companies or apply directly to them.

How does Your Mellon benefit me as a job seeker?

Your Mellon offers you as an applicant access to companies from all over Europe.

These include Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This means you can directly select the job offers that are suitable for you and apply for them.

Is there a fee for using Your Mellon?

Your Mellon is a free job platform for job seekers! The use of all functions on the platform are free of charge for you as an applicant.

How do I communicate with companies on the platform?

As a job seeker you can send a message to employers of your choice and ask questions about the company.

Furthermore, you can actively apply for jobs. Alternatively, companies on Your Mellon can contact you with a personal message about a job offer or invite you for an interview.

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