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Discover talent from all over the world and speak to your ideal candidates directly.

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Get to know talent from all over the world and speak to 

your ideal candidates directly.

YM Service -
Recruitment as a service

Outsource your recruitment process

Our HR specialists support and relieve you of the burden of 

strategic planning, administration, acquisition and organizational aspects of personnel recruitment.

YM Education -
Language as a service

Borderless learning experience

Our innovative platform ensures that language training is not confined to a physical classroom but rather a borderless 

experience that adapts to your unique lifestyle.

YM Events -
Networking as a service

We connect companies and job seekers

We bring employees and employers together at exclusive events across Europe. Our events enables companies to get 

to know potential employees at online or on-site events. 

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What is Your Mellon?

Your Mellon is the job platform that connects job seekers throughout Europe with established companies from a wide range of industries.

Companies introduce themselves on the platform with a company profile and can thus present themselves to potential job seekers. Additionally, they have the possibility to publish job advertisements or to directly contact potential employees.

Which companies should register on Your Mellon?

Your Mellon is a job platform on which job seekers from all industries can register. Therefore, all companies from all industries are welcome.

Which job seekers can I find on Your Mellon?

On Your Mellon you can find job seekers from all industries.

What does it cost to use Your Mellon?

Your Mellon offers several products for companies. We would be happy to advise you personally on this, so that we can present you with an individual offer.

You can find our packages here.

Why should I register my company on Your Mellon?

Your Mellon offers you access to a Europe-wide pool of candidates. Thus, vacant positions in your company can be covered.

With Your Mellon you as an employer get the opportunity to extend your company’s presence. Your Mellon’s company profile provides transparency and trust to job seekers throughout Europe, enabling you to easily get in touch with potential candidates.

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